Welcome to Sushinet Restaurant Newcastle. Sushinet  proves how easy it is to serve up fresh , healthy and delicious food with a good dose of love! Order online now and schedule a pick up time that is right for you!
sushi platter

Sushi Plattter

For 4~5people  Nigiri Platter, Roll Party Platter, Sushinet Platter, Rice Paper Platter  Options For Roll Party Platter and Sushinet Platter, you can choose up to 6 different flavours and make your own platter.

Sushi Box

Sushinet Box  Salmon special, Min lunch, Smoke salmon Cream cheese, much more..

Individual Roll

Spring roll  Tempura vege, Katsu chicken, Tuna, Tempura prawn  

Brown Rice Rolls

Healthy  Teriyaki chicken & avo, Salmon & avo, Tuna & avo  
white rice sushi roll

White Rice Rolls

Tuna & avo  Chicken & avo, Tempura prawn, Salmon & avo, Raw salmon, Salmon & cream cheese,  and much more..


Classic Japanese DishUdon noodle with tempura, Prawn udon noodle